Welcome to my world!

Whoever could have imagined that a little girl from small-town Indiana would have such a rich and full life? From flute playing to jazz music, from mountain climbing to river running, from a career in weaving and historic preservation to architecture and design, from adventurous travel to ex-pat living, I have relished every opportunity to learn new things and experience new ideas.

Portrait 3½

Now in my (gasp!) 8th decade, the adventure continues as I live life to the fullest! Check back often to see what I’m up to. I may post some of the many columns I wrote for Interweave and Handwoven magazines. I may blog about my travels and the amazing hand crafts (well, textiles) I find. Who knows?

portrait cervantino

Right now, I am shrinking my lifetime accumulation of possessions by 90% (or more). So, check out the fabulous sale of all my studio equipment and materials, and also the sale of my home and studio in Colorado.